New year, new blog!


For many of you, 2018 may be just another year, another 365 days to experience the joys of life or perhaps to learn wise lessons. To me, this coming year has much significance to me, for it is the eighteenth year of my life (Yes, I was born in the year 2000 and yes it does make it easier to remember my age…). This year officially marks the beginning of my adulthood, so I thought what better time to start a blog than now!

Mini Introduction

First off, my name is Stella and I live in a small town called White Rock, which is in beautiful British Columbia. The main goal of this blog is to share my adventures, experiences and life lessons with any willing audience in attempt to spread positivity. Now, be prepared; this blog may end up an unorganized mess with the most random ideas, but I hope you’ll bear with me on this journey. I am fairly new to growing up and to blogging, so I promise you they will be filled with mistakes and errors. Like they say, “Failure is the key to success,” right?


A few of my hobbies include travelling, sports, music, and community. These are important to note as they are the main focus of my extracurricular activities and passions. They have earned a place in my heart by being there during the highs and the lows in life. Traveling has provided some of the best memories in my life.

Lastly, spontaneity is something I try hard to keep in my life. Whether it be a three AM McDonalds run with my closest friends or hopping on the nearest mountain for a skiing trip, new experiences are always welcome in my life.


I think this will be the standard format and length for my future blog posts, although I might tweak a few details. I hope some of my words can reach at least one of the seven billion people on this Earth, otherwise this serves as a good keepsake for my memories… I hope you enjoy!