Best Summer Job


“When I say Geering, you say Up. Geering! Up!”

What did I do

This past summer has been a blast. Though, it has been busy and hectic, it was an experience that was much more than I could have asked for.

gu staff social

These were my coworkers for the summer, working at UBC Geering Up Engineering Outreach. I spent April-August 2019 working as an Intructor for Geering Up workshops and summer camps.

Workshops gang

In late April, we started work with a week of training for the workshops season (May/ June). Workshops season meant that we went around to different schools in the lower mainland and lead a 1-2 hour workshop on various science topics. These workshops were usually taught by a pair of instructors and involved lots of hands on activities for the students.

During workshops, the most tiring part was the commute… Driving to Vancouver during rush hour every morning was not the most fun. However, it was completely worth it whenever a teacher or student comments on how much impact the workshop has on their interest and career goals. Often times, kids will come up to us after a workshop explaining how much fun it was for them to participate in the coolest activites and they they want to become scientists in the future now.

Almost every instructor also went on one week of outreach, meaning they spend one week in a farther city, teaching workshops to students that have limited resources available to them. I spent my outreach week in Chilliwack and taught at schools in Harrison Hot Springs and Aboriginal communities, etc. On these outreach workshops, I could especially feel the impact one hour of our time made in the kids’ lives. I got to introduce science to elementary school youth in a fun and exciting way that sparked a new passion for them.


During the later half of the summer (July/ August), we moved into summer camp season. This part was definitely more tiring than workshops, as it entailed more responsibility and time, but it was also more rewarding. Because we spent an entire week with the same group of kiddos, we were given an opportunity to develop a relationship with them. By talking to them, playing with them, and joking around with them, on top of teaching them, I got the chance to learn more about their lives and what they want to do in the future. They often were interested in what I do and what I learn in school, which sometimes turned into something they wanted to pursue!

Not only was this entire experience impactful to the youth, I enjoyed myself immensely throughout the entirety of the job. The staff is an incredible bunch. Every coworker I met was social, kind, and helpful in every situation and we all got along great. Especially, our group of 10 South Surrey staff, who I saw every single day for two months straight, had the best dynamic. By the end of the summer, we were all crying that we would not get to spend all of our time together anymore.


Not only did I contribute directly to thousands of youth lives, I also grew as an individual. I learnt crucial teaching skills and honed my social abilities. In a way, I was also able to figure out what field I wanted to pursue in engineering through talking to older students and dabbling with different subjects while teaching.

In short, if you love kids and science, I highly recommend you to apply to work at Geering Up. You will come out of the experience with a sense of satisfation and lifelong friends.

Go apply here,