Wikipedia Mediator


Designed a mediator service for Wikipedia that uses jWiki API, Gson library, caches, servers, and threads.


A basic algorithms and data structures course project.


jWiki API - A library for effortlessly interacting with Wikipedia

Gson library - A Java library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back



We created a WikiMediator ADT that implements 6 simple methods that communicate with Wikipedia through the jWiki API.


We implemented a general cache that could be used to store the most recently accessed 256 Wikipedia pages and recycle stale objects.

Server network

Implemented a server-based application that receives requests over a network socket and returns results appropriately. Server communicates (receives/ answers) using JSON formatted strings.

Parallel programming

Implemented threading in our servers to allow processing of more than one request at a time.


This was a flexible and open-ended project with no starter code and few directions, which allowed for a deeper learning and broad exploration. I gained experience in collaborative coding through IntelliJ and GitHub as this was a partnered project and learnt fundamental concepts revolving threading and server networks.