Exploring my hometown, Taiwan


My hometown, Taiwan, documented on film.

Big Family

One of my absolute favourite things about travelling to Taiwan is being able to see my family. As a first generation immigrant, there are many sacrifices that my family and I have had to make, one of the hardest ones is being separated from our family. Because of this, the time we get to spend together becomes more valuable.

New year, new me ?

Normally, I am a pretty introverted and self-conscious person. I once read in a book that the reason people have an intrinsic fear of public speaking is because they are essentially risking their reputation and credibility. This is me with every situation, though. I dislike being put on the spot, out of fear of messing up. However, this year, I have been loving doing things that terrify me. There is a thrill in doing things that you have never done before, given you are essentially forcing yourself to grow as a person. So, as a resolution for the new year, I am going to continue encouraging myself to participate in events that allow me to “threaten my reputation” in order to grow and learn exponentially.

The Vlogs

Filming everything I did in Taiwan originally started as a joke between me and my friends, but I soon realized that there are too many fascinating and quirky things in Taiwan that need to be remembered forever. So, with a “why not” attitude, I decided to yet again put my reputation on the line. With my iPhone and some quick edits in iMovie, I present to you a series: My hometown, Taiwan, documented.

Click below to watch the vlogs: