January 2020 Reflection


How has it already been a month into 2020?!

Resolution update

I am not an avid believer in setting “new year’s resolutions” because I do not believe that setting habits or changing your lifestyle for the better is something that should rely on a specfic time of the year. If you feel unhealthy or are not enjoying your way of life at the moment, you should set goals and actionable plans to change that no matter what time of the year it is. That being said, I got the chance to reflect deeply about my life during the winter break and ended up setting goals and aspirations that coincidentally lined up with the beginning of a new year.

In my room, there is a poster that says “Do more of what you love and be more imperfect and honest with others and yourself.” Medium example image At the time, I had not fully formed my thoughts into words or actions yet. However, in my head, I had this concrete feeling of knowing what I needed was to be more spontaneous and confident in my decisions. So playing into the newfound spontaneity, I made this poster that serves more as a reminder about this perspective rather than a strict guideline.

Now, a month has passed and I still can’t fully describe my “resolution”. However, I can say that it has definitely made a difference in my life already. On a day to day basis, there is not a lot of overthinking or stress about tiny details that DO NOT MATTER. I am a lot more fearless in making decisions and in speaking up, whether that be standing up for things I believe in, defending a friend in an argument, or participating in academic discussions.

Another big thing is my relationship with school which is a lot healthier this term. The biggest reason for this is because I let go of the idea that grades represent how much knowledge and understanding I have of a subject. I realized that doing coursework for grades is entirely different from learning for LEARNING. Rather than discovering tricks and memorizing formulas for an exam, I now have a genuine interest to attend lectures and challenge myself on assignments. It’s a lot more enoyable and overall just a better way to fully understand and learn a topic when you are learning heuristically.


As for concrete achievements, there were a few significant projects and tasks that I finished in January.

  1. I finished editing and uploading the vlogs from my Taiwan trip.
  2. I became a more confident interviewee (after experiencing technical interviews at SAP, Samsung, Delta-Q, Fusemail and Ensemble)
  3. I secured a software engineering co-op internship for the Summer 2020 term!
  4. I made a couple new friends in my major :)
  5. I booked a trip to visit my brother in Toronto spontaneously
  6. I learnt C++ and have a stronger understanding about memory and pointers now

Fun events from January

Jan 3rd - Dinner in White Rock + late night beach hang w/ my faves
Jan 4th - Popeyes w/ Max, James, Jeffrey, Oliv, Daniel, Seann
Jan 10th - First snow!
Jan 11th - Went to nwHacks with Arnold, Amir, and Parsa
Jan 15th - Snow day! (Day in w/ Seann + nice walk in nice snow)
Jan 19th - Tiger Sugar in Canada is not as good as Taiwan :(
Jan 17th - Wine night w/ Jen Jen + BMEG party loool
Jan 19th - Introduced some of my high school friends (James & Daniel) to my uni friends (Rain, Arnold, Chi-Yao, David, and Jen) @ Suika
Jan 20th - Started a workout challenge w/ Rav aka we film a timelapse of a 2 min plank every time we go to the gym
Jan 23rd - Mum came to visit me and celebrate Chinese New Year together
Jan 25th - Shopping w/ Mum
Jan 27th - Dinner at Rajio with Seann, his mum, my mum, and I
Jan 29th - Secured 2020 Summer Co-op position!

What now?

I will continue to grow wiser and stronger with my new mindset and continue challenging myself with spontaneous decisions to participate in new experiences. At the end of February, we will reflect again and see what else will change, what I will accomplish, and how I will be feeling.

For concrete goals, I want to film one vlog series and one personal video for my YouTube channel. I also plan to complete one (realistically one but hopefully two) personal projects in Python.

But also, hopefully I can re-establish the sleeping early/ waking up early routine I had in the beginning of January…