Flappy Bird


Randomly started missing this old game.

PyGames Version


View game here: https://github.com/ArnoldYing/FlappyBird


On a random Sunday, my friend Arnold and I decided to recreate the infamous rage-inducing game, flappy bird. We built it using PyGames and very minimal graphics. Our product is very much so incomplete, but we had fun making it and wanted to dip our toes in game developing.


This was my very first time working on a project related to game development and I learnt a few things.

  1. game dev is a lot harder than I imagined
  2. game dev is a lot more fun than I expected

I have never been a huge fan of video games, but through this project I learnt about the amount of work that goes to developing a game, no matter how simple the outcome may be. There are so many components to consider - graphics, performance, engagement, etc - and such a variety in audience that each decision is difficult to make. Game development is definitely a field I would like to learn more about and would consider as a future career path (following in the footsteps of my brother :).