February 2020 Reflection


The shortest month of the year was somehow the most event-filled experience.


The greatest highlight of the month is my trip to Toronto, Ontario.

The story begins with a deal I made with my brother - if I secured a summer co-op position before my reading break, I would go visit him in Toronto… Fast forward to post Toronto trip, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it was an eye opening trip that sparked new goals and dreams in terms of both career and personal growth.

Seeing how big and opportunity-filled the big city was made me realize how sheltered and closed-minded I was, living in Vancouver. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vancouver and there are so many traits that Vancouver wins at, but it is true that Toronto and the people in Toronto have a hustle about them that makes the city more fast-paced than Vancouver. I believe that an internship experience in Toronto could not only help me learn at a fast pace but also teach me an entirely different set of skills. In September, I hope to secure a co-op opportunity at a company in Toronto that can help me reach a new level.

Until then, here are some memories from Toronto that I will treasure forever :’)

TO 1

CN Tower view from Union Station.

TO 2

Selfie at the Toronto Lights Festival at Distillery District.

TO 3

Exploring the U of T campus in good weather.

TO 4

Golden Hour at Financial District.

TO 5

Ian feeling sick at Niagara Falls :/

TO 6

Is the thumb of the mitten the cat’s paw or tail?

PS. Toronto vlogs are coming soon to my YouTube channel !



February was also the month I received my first job offer for co-op!

I always thought I would be ecstatic to receive any job offer, given no previous co-op experience, however, the story about my seeking experience was oddly the low of my month.

Long story short, I had to make a decision about a job offer at company A (a smaller company) in a short amount of time. I had had three interviews by that point and had three more scheduled - one of them at a bigger company, which we will call company B. Company B has an intership program that perfectly fits my needs and interests. However, due to the system my co-op program enforces, I had 2 days to respond, and if I chose to accept, all my upcoming interviews would be cancelled. This was not enough time for an overthinker/ perfectionist like myself.

My dilemma was between choosing the safer route (secure a job first and be grateful that it happened so early on, given it is my first co-op term) or the riskier route (to believe in myself and continue seeking a more suitable co-op position). In the end, I was able to negotiate with my co-op coordinator: the deadline to respond to the first offer was extended by five hours, giving me enough time to interview at company B.

In the end, I could not fully justify either choice; it was one of those situations that you have no idea how it will play out. You just have to pick one and be okay with it. After my interview, I thought I had butchered it, so, feeling unconfident, I ended up accepting the position at company A. And, for the following two weeks, I was happy with my decision.

Then, on the first day of reading break, I received an email - a job offer at company B, and I just broke down. Never would I ever have thought that I would be so devastated to receive a job offer; I was wrapped up around the thought that I had made the wrong choice and that a major opportunity was missed. “Why didn’t I foresee this,” I would think to myself.

Now, I am able to look at the experience as an important life lesson. It taught me that nothing is perfect and not everything always plays out the way you want it to. Unfortunate timing and a lack of confidence lead to a missed opportunity this time, but I came out of it with a stronger sense of self and more concrete goals. I am confident that my next seeking term will be even more fulfilling. Plus, if I hadn’t accepted the first offer, I wouldn’t have visited Toronto this month, and that experience in and of itself was worth it.

Fun events from January

Feb 1st - Booked my flight to Toronto
Feb 3rd - 100% on first Diffentials math midterm
Feb 5th - First coding midterm was a fun time
Feb 14th - Fun Valentine’s date night in Yaletwon
Feb 15th - Dyed Jen’s hair and had Beijing roast duck dinner with friends
Feb 16th - Photoshoot downtown w/ Rav + Dinner in White Rock with old friends
Feb 17th - Ate Korean Food downtown w/ Chi-Yao
Feb 18th - Kitsilano beach + Raisu w/ Seann
Feb 19th ~ 24th - Toronto trip
Feb 27th - Cooked Ram-don from Parasite with Seann
Feb 28th - Nando’s with Ginny & Anica !!!

March goals

  • Finish editing and uploading Toronto vlogs (upload every Monday)
  • Research and start a new personal project
  • Re-focus on school and properly learning/ understanding course content

Excited for March,