April 2020 Reflection


Boy April flew by despite being quarantined indoors for the entire month.


April was the second month that we - in Vancouver, Canada and in many other places around the world - have been in social distancing/ quarantine mode. This month passed by a little faster and a little healthier. I have adapted and developed a healthy-ish routine for spending my days indoors and in the same space everyday. Although I still miss the outdoors and my other humans dearly, I am able to appreciate the things I still have: health, shelter, family,

This post is a little difficult to write because I started doing these reflections with the main goal of self growth in mind, and these two months were definitely not about that. Productivity levels were low, goals were unclear, and positive vibes were down. A lot of plans were ruined and mental health had to be prioritized over productivity often. This entire situation and how bad things got could not have been predicted and was not expected by anyone. In the midst of all the tragedies and sadness in the world, however, a surprising amount of good has also come out of it. The climate is taking a turn for the better for once, and so much kindness is being spread, whether in the form of fundraisers, acts of appreciation, or videos that spread joy (Eg, John Krasinski’s Some Good News!). It is truly inspiring how much effort people will put into finding positivity in a dark situation.

We all have lost something. Some lost bigger and more important things than others, but we all lost something and we are allowed to feel sad and sorry for ourselves no matter how unimportant that thing you lost may seem relatively. I for one am beyond grateful for health and healthy family and friends, but I also lost my summer job. Heck yeah I’m sad about that and I should be sad about it because all the time and effort that I put into getting that opporunity just disappeared, poof! It was something that I was looking forward to that I will not get to experience anymore. So, I let myself be sad about it for a couple days, then hopped back on the job hunt and the mindset of appreciating everything that I still have. I know a lot of people lost more than I did, or lost something smaller that meant more in their perspective. It doesn’t matter how big or small, a loss is a loss. Everyone lives very different lives through very different perspectives, so another person can never really tell how much . Be kind to one another.

My heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones or have loved ones that are battling this scary disease. It is each and all of our duties to first of all take care of our selves by staying home and washing our hands to prevent the spread of the virus. As well, if you are in a place where you are well enough to take care of yourself and more, then we should also help one another whenever/ however we can, no matter how big or small the act may be.

What next?

Given all the free time in my days (after final season ended on April 23rd), I have been doing a lot of thinking, about what I want to spend my time doing this summer. After having my original summer co-op rescinded, I have applied to more co-op jobs with unsuccessful results so far. Although rejection sucks, I was prepared for bad news given the entire world is in a recession.

My back up plan for this summer is to take summer courses (online), if job seeking continues to be unsuccessful. As well, there are a couple coding languages I want to learn through specific projects.

I want to learn:
  • React
  • Animation and graphics design
  • MongoDB
  • Speaking Chinese
How I’m going to learn:
  • Build a dynamic landing page for my personal website using React
  • Design customized icons, backgrounds, and images for my portfolio webpage
  • Re-vamp my resume using customized icons and ATS friendly content
  • Integrate a mailing subscription list for blog posts on my website using MongoDB
  • Translating all my YouTube videos to have Chinese captions
Fun things to look forward to:
  • Build a mechanical keyboard from scratch
  • Visiting Taiwan if travel restrictions get lifted soon

An unsure but positive summer ahead

In this extremely disorganized and unpredictable time period, I am hopeful that it will be a summer of immense growth, despite having missed out on many opportunities. I have high hopes that the world will return back to a healthy state soon.

Very hopeful,