June 2020 Reflection


Holy heck June was another fast-paced, action-packed month.


In British Columbia, we are now in phase 3 of BC’s restart plan. The cases are stabilizing day by day here and life is starting to feel a bit more normal. We have seen some friends and seen more outdoors since entering phase 2.

Regarding work, I’ve been logging that progress in a separate post. There have been ups and downs this month - some days I love what I do and cannot stop coding whereas other days I feel lost. Regardless, I am learning lots and am learning fast. I am forever grateful of this opportunity and feel extremely lucky to be able to participate in hackathons as my job (huge thank you to MLH for providing me and 144 others with this extremely useful, educational, and fun opportunity).


Jun 7th - Nando’s picnic @ Sunnyside
Jun 18th - Drunk af at Johnny’s
Jun 20th - Dentist bound
Jun 23rd - Finished finals for my summer course
Jun 25th - Amber’s graduation party - we made a cake!
Jun 27th - golf & chats with Max & Daniel
Jun 28th - Grouse Grind
Jul 1st - Canada Day picnic indoord @ the Hsu’s


  • Push 1+ feature to glider by the end of July
  • Perfect our pod’s clap by the end of August
  • Hit 40k by 2021

Happy with life,