July 2020 Reflection


I cannot believe there is only one month left of summer.


July was a hustle and a half. In short, a lot of steady progress with the fellowship/ working on Circuit Python, a little bit of socializing as we phase out of quarantine in British Columbia, and a heck lot of time spent gaming… Valorant is a fun game


I just want a simple life, where I work hard to get what I want when I want. I want to stop worrying about the litte things and just take life as it is. I want to live the best life and enjoy the most of what I’m given. I want to meet interesting people with different experiences, so I can broaden my perspective and grow from them. I want to try different jobs and learn wacky skills. I don’t any second of my life to be boring or wasted.

The last weekend of July was one of the happiest weekends of my summer. I believe that each person has separate criteria needed to fill in order to be happy. The criteria and the percentage that each criteria takes up is different for each person. Some may have loved ones take up the highest portion, while others prioritize work. For me, my family, my boyfriend, my education/career, and my health are some of the most important aspects of my life, in this moment. It is incrdibly gratifying (and rare) for these to line up at the same time. This weekend I got to call my family, hike with my boyfriend and his family, and solve issues for my internship. It was a mundane weekend that filled me with happiness and hope for achieving the simple life that I long for.


Moving forward, August will be an incredibly busy month, being the last month of my MLH internship and me having to move at the end of the month. It feels like I am settling back to reality from the weird, slow-paced quarantine days. However, it is a good feeling in that I am able to start setting goals and pick up pace in reaching these goals. Though, it’ll be a busy month filled with difficult tasks, I am excited to see life move fast again.

I have started making checklists for day-to-day goals, while will hopefully help me reach those long term goals. My goal for this month is to take it easy, as it is the last month of summer. I will not worry about the little things. Instead, I will do my best to complete tasks that I need to do (whether it’s to do with moving, my internship, or my future…) and squeeze the most learning I can out of whatever I’m working on!

Enjoyig the last bit of my summer,