August/ September 2020 Reflection


The last month of summer passed by so quickly.

To be honest, the last four months in general passed by very quickly. Being in and out of quarantine and being busy with work and school makes time pass by. It was a productive month to say the least. I finished up my fellowship with MLH and spent the last two weeks of summer relaxing in the sunny weather.

Then, September 8th came around, meaning it was time to start internship number two! I started my internship as an agile developer with SAP this month. This being my first corporate internship, I knew it was going to be foreign territory, but boy was I lost in the first few weeks. It was not an uncomfortable type of loss, but an exciting type that I looked forward to, as I knew there was tons I can and will learn from this work.

Thankfully, everyone at SAP is super welcoming. Within one month, I got to speak to a variety of people working in different roles, whether that be other interns or full time employees. I got to attend various workshops, surrounding technology, networking, etc, and even got to attend a talk from Chris Hadfield! Besides the fun stuff, my tasks included mostly set up and building my dev env, which took way longer than I expected… thank god for ubc friends that stuggled with me and helped me through some blockers haha!

Now, at the end of September, I want to say I have been fully onboarded and am now focused on becoming familiar with the products that my team works with. I have been tasked with automating our Business Acceptance Testing Plan using TypeScript and Selenium, as it will not only let me familiarize myself with Hub and Catalog (products our team owns) but also let me pick up the coding language and style quickly. I am very thankful of my buddy, Ruth, and the rest of my team for being especially patient and helpful with my questions that may appear elementary.

After speaking with my manager, Gavin, I am especially excited to see what lessons I can learn from the rest of this internship. We chatted about my goals and interests for this internsip. He said my next task will likely be a challenging one that I may or may not be able to solve, as there is no perfect way to onboard to this team’s codebase. Nevertheless, I look forward to contributing more to the team’s tasks and getting to know everyone better!

Working hard or hardly working,