October/ November 2020 Reflection


I swear time passes by faster nearing the end of the year.

What have I been up to

The past two months have been filled with work and friends. Obviously, 40 hours of my weeks were dedicated to work, which mainly consisted of learning new technologies, understanding code, and writing some front end tests. I cannot believe that I have been working at SAP for two months already, partly because the product that my team owns has a huge codebase, so I still feel like I am onboarding haha, but also because I have gotten the opportunity to meet many amazing people and learn new technologies.

I have been so busy with life that I have not really had the time to reflect on myself recently. A part of me feels like I have reverted back to a high school mindset that is a little less repsonsible and a little more carefree. However, a part of me also feels like this is a good thing because I am content with the way life is right now :) My best friend is back here in Vancouver and it has been a blast having her here. We love doing everything and nothing together, and we got the chance to catch up on the last two years that we were apart for. This was probably the best thing I gained out of the pandemic, and I am super sad that she is going to have to leave Vancouver soon again. I’ll forever be grateful for the time that we got to spend together during the quarantine period and am going to enjoy christmas together before she leaves T.T

Another update, my gamind addiction has further developed… Valorant is a very fun game and it is making me want to build a custom pc and start streaming… As well, my friends and I have been playing a bit of minecraft. It’s been nostalgic and hilarious building a world together with my brother and Angelo. It is also a nice opportunity for us to check up on each other to make sure everyone is doing alright. We have been having discord hangouts for studying, gaming, and streaming, etc. Now, a few of us have started streaming on twitch and the rest of us are strongly considering hopping on the bandwagon!

The majority of my time outside of work in the past two months was stress-free, as I was either gaming or calling friends. That is not to say, that my past two months of life was without struggle. I had a few family and relationship issues that are still ongoing and are being dealt with. Both are very complicated are personal, so I won’t dive into details.

I think I’m slowly adjusting and being okay with staying at home 24/7. My mental health has drastically improved since the beginning of quarantine back in March, however, my physical health… I need to start working out… It’s funny how sometimes we can pinpoint the exact causes of our biggest problems, yet, it is so hard for us to change those habits.

Although I have not had the chance to reflect a lot and set goals for growing myself, I have to admit I have been content with the way life is right now. So, why change something that is not a problem? That is kind of the mindset I am in right now, but I am ready for a major reflection when quarantine ends, which still seems a long ways away, but I am very much looking forward to the return of normal life. I miss my people and the outdoors:(

happy with life,