Final 2020 Reflection + 2021 aspirations


Goodbye 2020

2020 reflection

Although I did not set concrete resolutions for this year, I think I did a good job following the loose idea of what I wanted to achieve. Namely, I had a shift in perspective and consciously tried to let go of small details and focus on bigger picture. The goal of this shift was to alleviate my anxiety and achieve more bigger picture goals.

In retrospect, everything was in full swing the first half of the year. I was keeping up with my monthly reflections and felt a lot of self growth during that semester. While I mainly focused on my coursework and job seeking during that time, a lot of big decisions were made with my personal life as well. I decided to visit my brother in Toronto for the first time after landing my first internship. I took a short break from my relationship to rethink my priorities. And, I had to make a big decision with accepting/ rejecting internships (long story but it all worked out in the end).

But then… The pandemic hit.

In March, school was moved to be online indefinitely. My friends and I were still light-heartedly joking about how we would never see each other again. Then, things got more serious and finals were anounced to be online… then summer school… then fall semester… In short, the pandemic threw everyone in a loop. It was hard for me and many others to adapt to social distancing/ self isolation. And, it was even harder for me to accept the fact that the future was insanely unpredictable. Many plans were cancelled and no more were made in consideration that they would be disrupted later anyways. To cope with this huge shift in lifestyle, my priorities turned towards keeping up my physical health, mental health, and spirits. In turn, I lost sight of my “2020 resolutions” and found it harder to keep up with monthly reflections.

Thankfully, I had an internship during the summer to keep me busy so my time was not completely wasted. I also turned to playing games with friends as a solution to social distancing and boredom. Come September, I started my SAP internship virtually, which eventually turned into a routine of working 10-6, playing games with friends, and sleeping, and repeat. Weekends turned into adventure time to the grocery store. It was a strange time of my life, but I am grateful for everything that I had to be able to stay safe and keep in touch with loved ones.

Next year, I would like to set more concrete goals to break out of this stall that the pandemic put me in (or I put myself in and am blaming the pandemic for :p ).

2021 aspirations

In 2021, I hope to achieve these 12 concrete goals (1 for each month?) Meanwhile, I also hope to continue pursuing my 2020 perspective of not worrying about small details and focusing on the bigger picture.

12 Goals

  1. Learn PCB design - build keyboard from scratch
  2. Keyboard YouTube video
  3. Posture - don’t break neck & back
  4. Connect with manager and higher level employees at SAP
  5. Practice reading comprehension & vocabulary - read 1 book by summer
  6. Build PC
  7. Summer Travel vlogs
  8. Learn AI by enrolling in a course
  9. Draft a simple b&w resume
  10. Don’t fail ELEC
  11. At least 80% in courses
  12. Get better at mandarin - duolingo, write in Chinese

ready for a kickass year,