Almost Christmas!


Happy November 7th! Today is a good day because Starbucks started making their annal holiday drinks, which pretty much marks the beginning of the holiday season!

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A strange feeling they don’t teach you about in school: grief.

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My First Year Experience


Hello Again! More than a year has passed since my last post… However, many exciting events have happened since! I graduated high school. I found my first love. And, I’ve almost finished my first year of university. Phew.

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New year, new blog!


For many of you, 2018 may be just another year, another 365 days to experience the joys of life or perhaps to learn wise lessons. To me, this coming year has much significance to me, for it is the eighteenth year of my life (Yes, I was born in the year 2000 and yes it does make it easier to remember my age…). This year officially marks the beginning of my adulthood, so I thought what better time to start a blog than now!

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